Dry Aged Beef, Born & Raised on a small family farm in Jackson, TN . Just one bite and you'll know why we say "It's A Difference You can Taste".
Our farm was settled by John Donnell in 1835. Which is why we call it Donnell Century Farm. We raise cotton, corn, soybeans, wheat, registered Angus cattle & beef, and hay. We also have a farm adventure for all ages to come and learn about agriculture in a fun way every Spring and Fall. 
Billy & Andrew (Father/son) both have degrees from the University of Tennessee in Animal Science. Andrew was on the National Junior Angus Board, won the National 4-H Beef Award, and was on the a College Livestock Judging Team. Andrew 

About Products & Animals

We have a different approach to the way we do things. We believe in a well balanced diet for you and the animals. So, that means both grass and grain. No extremes here and we don't use fear tactics for you to see our perspective. We are plain farmers not salesmen. The idea do what is right, raise quality products with exceptional customers service and the marketing (mostly word of mouth) will take care of itself.
We believe in quality (period). I don't care how it was raised if it taste bad, then spit it out. 
Our animal are conceived and raised on our farm. We raise them from birth. Which means we know for sure they are raised slowly with NO Hormones, Steroids, or Antibiotics. We also raised a lot of the feed, so we know how it is raised.
We have 100% traceability. On each package of beef (including ground beef), we can tell you everything you want to know and probably more. The day the animal was born, it pedigree, and everything it was feed. 

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